I am a retired Professional Baseball (MLB) Player. I was drafted into the league at the very young age of 18. Ten years later, I was making millions. The problem I had was not much different from many other ballplayers, entertainers and celebrities …..we had no sound financial advice.
Fortunately, I came across this financial planner who was referred to me and my wife by a loan officer at a bank.
He is still my financial advisor today. He handles all of my finances; he provides estate planning, investment planning, insurance planning and most importantly, tax planning. I save substantial taxes annually by following his advice. I often recommend my Financial Dream Team advisor to my teammates and other celebrities….those who listen benefit immensely.

D.S., Fremont, CA, (client)

When we first met our Financial Planner we were in our late 40’s early 50’s. We made good money, but we did not have a plan. We were concerned about our future, our kid’s college education, and our retirement plan needs.
The Planner was rough and gentle at the same time…pointing out our foolish spending habits, yet educating us on the how we could turn it around financially. What helped us most were the tax benefits we could achieve by establishing various retirement plans with my wife’s employer and my self-employed business.
We decide to buckle down and control our spending. We maximize our savings into our retirement plans. Once the money was in the plan from my business the planner helped me to self-direct my investments and maximized my returns. Well we applied his skills and knowledge and stuck to a plan.
Here we are 14 years later and have accumulated a substantial nest egg (approximately $1,900,000) for our retirement.
In addition to filing our annual taxes, the planner helped us develop an estate plan with a living trust and an asset protection plan. We now operate with two business entities—an LLC, and a Corporation. We are fortunate to have a Financial Dream Team advisor in our lives.

L.P., Memphis, TN, (client)

I have used a Financial Dream Team advisor for over 15 years to handle my finances, investments, tax and estate planning, and tax prep work. One year, for the first time, I was audited by the IRS. Naturally, I was apprehensive because this was my first time and my financial advisor had been very good at getting me substantial refunds every year.
Well the tax audit took place over 6 months and I was on “pins and needles” waiting for the results. My financial planner was very calm and meticulous in the process and told me not to worry. It turns out he was right. We received a “no change” audit letter from the IRS.
The advisor saved me from a $25,000 potential tax liability. I was so happy I couldn’t help myself! It turned out the financial advisor protected me by making sure that I could support all of the deductions I claimed.

Baton Rouge, LA, (client)

I had started a business several years ago and became concerned that I may need asset protection from my creditors. Fortunately, I came across this Financial Dream Team advisor who immediately placed my affairs in order.
I had a business which he immediately incorporated. I had several rental properties, which he placed into LLCs (limited liability companies) with Notes Payable held by my FLP (family limited partnership), and I had an estate that he help place all of my assets into a Living Trust.
Unbeknownst to me I got into creditor trouble on a business loan which I had personally guaranteed a corporate note of $1,200,000 with a major bank. The Bank sold the loan to another financing company. Well the financing company began to use all of its collection tactics.
After threatening to file a lawsuit, it turns out the opposing attorney realized that trying to collect from me and my financial fortress would be a waste of time. She recommended a settlement of $100,000. $100,000!!! Imagine that…all because I was properly protected in advance by my advisor. I love my Financial Dream Team advisor.

J.A., Sacramento, CA, (client)